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Travel guide to Tokyo and Japan, with the pictures downloadable in large version for printouts, backgrounds and wallpapers.

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> in Tokyo
> Shibuya
> Shinjuku
> Harajuku
> Ginza
> Aoyama
> Tokyo Tower
> Asakusa
> Akihabara
> Ueno
> Ebisu
> ... and more.

> in Kyoto
> Kyoto, Higashiyama
> Arashiyama
> ... and more.

Photo: Shibuya Foodshow court. Giving it a deep thought and choosing the right kind of pastry is a national pastime.

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Japanese Pictures of...

> Japanese Fashion
> Japanese People
> Japanese Garden

The Shinkansen and the Japan train system

Japanese Architecture
Buddhist Temple, Shinto Shrine

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Suggested Itinerary
photo guide by weeks

Week 1 - Tokyo
Week 2 - Tokyo,Kanto
Week 3 - Nikko
Week 4 - Tokyo
Week 5 - Kyoto
Week 6 - Osaka,Nara
Week 7 - Tokyo,Kanto
Week 8 - Hokkaido

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Picture Japan while browsing recent, real-life photos of Tokyo, Kyoto and many other cities... a great way to find your ideal destinations, with regional and thematic albums.

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Travel Japan in Photos - real-life scenes of the real Tokyo, Kyoto and many other cities from PhotoPassJapan.

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Photo: Hachiko crossing view in Shibuya, Tokyo
Tokyo Scenes 3
Ultramodern, people oriented city, the young and energetic face of Tokyo

Well, the site may be a little too excessive especially on the issue of Tokyo, but here are some of the most essential photo albums...
Just Click
on any thumbnail to see the pictures of either district or theme

On the picture: Shinjuku, in between the station and Kabukicho
Tokyo Scenes 2
Images on the real downtowns of the city, centers for and of all ages

Photo:  Asakusa, Senso-Ji Buddhist Temple, the Hozo-mon gate
Tokyo Scenes 1
A tour around some of the most famous historic sights in Tokyo

Tokyo Scenes 5
A closer look at some of the most unique and atmospheric districts

Tokyo Scenes 6
Finding the right place... whichever it is... from Shimokita to Koenji

Tokyo Scenes 4
Famous town centers in Tokyo, both historic and modern

Tokyo Scenes 7
A quick tour on the harmony of 21st century architecture and everyday life

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