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Travel guide to Tokyo and Japan, with the pictures downloadable in large version for printouts, backgrounds and wallpapers.

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well known areas...

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> Shibuya
> Shinjuku
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> Aoyama
> Tokyo Tower
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> Akihabara
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Photo: Shibuya Foodshow court. Giving it a deep thought and choosing the right kind of pastry is a national pastime.

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The Shinkansen and the Japan train system

Japanese Architecture
Buddhist Temple, Shinto Shrine

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Week 1 - Tokyo
Week 2 - Tokyo,Kanto
Week 3 - Nikko
Week 4 - Tokyo
Week 5 - Kyoto
Week 6 - Osaka,Nara
Week 7 - Tokyo,Kanto
Week 8 - Hokkaido

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Travel Tokyo and Japan in Pictures
The Japan travel photo guide for visual people. So, what would you like to see ?

I know the place I'm curious of... Take me to Photos and information on Nikko, Japan!

Photos of Shibuya, Tokyo, JapanIf you are traveling through the country and would like to see our pictures, information and maps of the places which you're heading to, or if you're interested in a certain city you know at least the name of... click one!

- Tokyo pictures in-depth

- nights and days in Osaka

- classic Japan in Kyoto pictures

- Nikko temples, national park

- Yokohama bay, chinatown

...and more...
Japanese pictures by city

I have no idea... but I'm interested in Japan! Really !

Photos of Asakusa, Tokyo, JapanIf you are curious of Japan in general but are not or not yet familiar with cities and regions at all... we made some albums of things Japanese and photo guides you could get yourself hyped up with. What would you like to see?

- The Modern Japan !

- Japanese people

- Japanese gardens and parks

- Ancient Japan

- Buddhist temples, Shinto Shrines

...and more...
Japanese pictures by theme

Japan? Not sure yet, but since I'm already here...

- I'll download Japanese wallpapers

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...meaning 50+ photo albums. With some introductions on each city / district... if you don't know what is where in Japan that well after all ^.^

... there's a Suggested Itinerary page with 8 weeks of plans - in photos -, and a Travel Guide page with lots of tips and information too. - But if you go and see our take on how a travel guide should be you might end up being interested anyway.
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Tokyo and Japan pictures - PhotoPassJapan
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Some highlights of Japan for the impatient visitors

Below is an incomplete list of albums and articles to shake up your interest, some of the most famous places in Japan that casual travelers or people interested in culture, religion, architecture, shopping, pop culture or fashion may have heard of.

Tokyo - Albums by districts and sights
some of the most famous places in Tokyo ( here for a list of all Tokyo photo albums )

Photo: Shinjuku Gyoen in downtown Tokyo
Shinjuku Gyoen
in downtown Tokyo

Parks and gardens ( from the Tokyo Guide )
places to rest, play, study or admire the beauty of

As opposed to the popular misrepresentation of Tokyo - again based on downtown scenes - there's quite a lot of green in the city. Which not only goes well with gray, but also serves as a great option if you're not up to leaving the city to lose the buildings out of sight. And with parks mentioned, the areas maintained to be closer to nature are in fact as large if not bigger than the surrounding districts of business or entertainment, and are mostly of great historic origin, preserving ancient buildings, historic treasures and of course age old trees and gardens that all have a story of their own. But the best part is that such places are never too far away from where you are. Shinjuku Gyoen, probably the largest of all such parks is in fact right next to Shinjuku Station. Yoyogi koen and the Meiji Jingu gardens ( around the Meiji Jingu Shrine ) are in between Shibuya, Yoyogi and Harajuku. Only ten minutes away by foot from the liveliest places in the entire city, you'll find a contrast big enough to chill you to proper temperature and revitalize you for the rest of the day... or even week... ( click to read on the Tokyo Park and Garden guide )

Pictures of Asakusa, Tokyo, JapanAsakusa, Azumabashi, Tokyo
Home of Senso-ji temple, Asakusa shrine and the Azumabashi bridge, the most famous historic views of Tokyo. Also the ideal place to buy classic souvenirs and see a wide variety of tourists.
Pictures of Ginza, Tokyo, JapanGinza, Tokyo
Elite and somewhat snobbish shopping and entertainment district, mainly for wealthier audience. Hidden in the smaller streets you will find all the necessary scenes and stars for a movie about a never-existed Tokyo.
Pictures of Shibuya, Tokyo, JapanShibuya, Tokyo
Young and energetic entertainment, shopping and fashion district with views everyone has seen at least once. Often the world debut stage for music, movies, and games, vibrant and never boring.
Pictures of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, JapanTokyo Tower
The most famous icon of Tokyo, overlooking the city in all directions, offering a perfect view on how vast it actually is.
Photos of Akihabara, Tokyo, JapanAkihabara, Tokyo
For those whom this name rings a bell no introduction is needed. For those who don't know, they probably shouldn't go there. The world center of Anime, Manga, Games and electronics with a strong pushover style.
Photos of Shinjuku, Tokyo, JapanShinjuku, Tokyo
The heart of Tokyo, Japan, and probably one of the most famous cities in the world. A more adult version of Shibuya, shopping, dining and entertainment district, and home of the gigantic and calm imperial park.
Photos of Harajuku, Tokyo, JapanHarajuku, Tokyo
Trendy and cult fashion district for everyone who likes to be stylish. World famous for extravagance in people and even food, and the number of boutiques per square meters is matched nowhere else in the world.
Photos of Ueno, Tokyo, JapanUeno, Tokyo
Travel back to the 20th century to see more relaxed but somewhat late scenes of Tokyo. Ueno park is home to many museums, galleries and a zoo, while the Ameya Yokocho shopping arcade gives you an idea of the old fashioned downtown markets.
Kanto region - Albums by cities
a few examples of unforgettable places
Pictures of Nikko, JapanNikko
The nicest place to get faraway yet stay close. Two hours north of Tokyo, with world heritage Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and the forests of the Nikko national park.
Photos of Yokohama, JapanYokohama
South of Tokyo, with a population of 3 million people. A huge port city with a gigantic collection of 21st century architecture at the Minato Mirai complex. Also hosts many museums and parks by the bay, and the main attraction, a sparkling gold, red and blue chinatown catering to the entire Kanto region. Literally.
Kansai region - Albums by cities
If you had only 2 days in the Kansai region
Photos of Arashiyama, Kyoto, JapanKyoto, Arashiyama
The northwestern area of Kyoto, with its own train lines leading to an unbelievable district of Buddhist temples, bamboo groves, hillside gardens, Shinto shrines and the colorful atmospheric facilities around the stations catering to the visitors who arrive from all over Japan.
Pictures of Osaka, JapanOsaka
The heart of Kansai, and probably the second most important city of Japan, Osaka is a one-of-a-kind modern merchant city with an attitude. People speak kansaiben ( kansai dialect ) which somehow has the same ring as their lifestyle... they are friendly, loud, upfront, and like to live out things. Osaka is also the proof of the fact that if you eat a lot of healthy food and don't stress yourself, you'll grow up to be tall, cheerful and healthy.
Hokkaido and Tohoku - Albums by cities
An island of landscapes and sceneries
Photos of Noboribetsu Onsen, Hokkaido, JapanNoboribetsu
Japan is world famous for its bathing culture and spas, and within Japan the most famous attraction is definitely Noboribetsu Onsen. Located deep within a volcanic mountain range is the tourist center with nothing but hotels, spas, restaurants and shops catering to the people arriving from all over the country. The water is supplied from the nearby natural hot springs, visiting its origin is an attraction itself. Only about ten minutes away from the center you are already deep within Jigokudani ( Hell valley ), and not much further you can see the active volcano Hiyoriyama and its lakes, Oyunuma and Okunoyu, all of them offering views on nature you'll never forget.
Pictures of Otaru, Hokkaido, JapanOtaru
Only half an hour away from Sapporo, an ideal place to go out hunting for ( interesting ) food. Its main attraction apart of a large number of kani ( crab ) and fresh sushi restaurants is the seaside where a colonization-era scene is photographed by thousands of tourists each day. The canal and its surrounding buildings bring up a feeling of the 19th century... Germany.
On the photo: The Starbucks Coffee panorama window at the Q-Front builting, Shibuya, Tokyo
Q-Front Starbucks
in Shibuya, Tokyo
Cafe life in the city ( from the Tokyo Guide )
if you haven't already, discover their real values

You can't say you didn't find any. The only thing that is even more frequent to come by than a vending machine are downtown cafes... all of them more or less hermetically sealing you away from the street ... most of the time with a panoramic window with a view to where you just came from. An ideal place to take a break from... whatever you were doing, and look back from a different perspective... in many ways. You can stay for hours if you want to, just order the cheapest cafe latte, find a place to sit down comfortably and... wait for that mail on your keitai, pop up your books to study, wait with or for your friends or read the magazine you just bought. Amazingly no one will ask you to either buy something more or leave. Perhaps this is the reason why all drinks and pastry cost two times as much as normally but even so they won't exceed a couple of hundred yens. It's probably not a good idea to try to fill your stomach with the sandwiches either, but is a good measure for emergencies, for there's no problem in the taste department. With real wood tables circling around real plants and bossanova ringing in the background, no one ever raising a voice any louder than as of a laughter, regardless of what color their hair is dyed. If you can find a good seat you can open your laptop and even go online for most of them are hotspots for wireless net connection. Count the record time in which the girls can type a mail message in their mobiles or just gaze out the window and if you hadn't done already, plan your next move before you descend back to the maze. But in fact... it's the seat that you value the most at that point. ( click to read the full Tokyo Cafe life guide )

Some Photo Albums by theme
in no particular order ( here for a list of all themes such as modern Japan, Historic Japan and more.)
On the picture:  Yoyogi park, Tokyo, JapanJapanese People
Slice of life snapshot portraits on the streets, in the parks, at the markets, waiting for the train, posing for... turning from... smiling for... and laughing at the camera...
On the picture: Kanda, Tokyo, JapanBuddhist temple, Shinto Shrine
Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples nested deep in the city, or sitting at the top of a mountain... always ready to fill people who care for them up with some energy, places of worship and festives...
On the picture:  Shibuya station in Tokyo, JapanJapanese Fashion
The theme of the album is... the same as the title suggests. Things that probably everyone likes... only that some live in denial. Regardless of location and sometimes even quantity, the idea is to have fun finding things you can pack your memories and emotions into. Sometimes without noticing what you're doing.
On the picture:  Todaiji Buddhist temple gate in Nara, JapanJapanese Architecture
A more general album ( thus probably overlapping many previous ones ) that gathers many scenes from places that still give off the ( more than ) thousand-years old traditions of human meddled stone and wood.
On the picture:  Namba, Osaka, JapanJitensha, bicycles in Japan
Bicycles. Infiltrated human society for ages and keep on prospering. Advice for people who don't ride one, don't try to evade them, they'll evade you.
On the picture:  Arashiyama, Kyoto, JapanJapanese Garden
Some are wonderfully well maintained little escapes within the city, some are several hundred years old places of worship. But in fact most of them are both.
More thumbnail mugshot
in addition to the rest... and in no particular order

On the picture:  Kenpo tournament, Nippon Budokan, Kitanomaru Koen, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Kitanomaru

On the picture:  Buddhist temple at Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Higashiyama

On the picture:  Shinagawa station, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinagawa

On the picture:  Yoyogi park, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yoyogi

On the picture:  Kamakura beach, Japan

On the picture:  The Glico neon ad in Ebisubashi, Osaka, Japan
Osaka - Ebisubashi

On the picture:  Kyoto station, Japan
Kyoto Station

On the picture:  Jinbocho Book Town, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Jinbocho

On the picture:  Aomori park, Tohoku, Japan

On the picture: Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yurakucho

On the picture:  Shinjuku station platforms, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture:  Hama-Rikyu gardens, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinbashi

On the picture: Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ebisu

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On the picture: Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ochanomizu

On the picture:  Takebayashi dori, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Arashiyama

On the picture: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture: Ueno, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ueno

On the picture: Harajuku cosplayers, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Harajuku

City Description
Icon legend

- Our favorites
- Modern Japan
- Historic Japan

On the picture: Stone lanterns in Nikko, Japan

On the picture: Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Arashiyama

On the picture: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shibuya

On the picture: Hachiko crossing, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shibuya

On the picture:  Shinsekai, Osaka, Japan
Osaka - Shinsekai

On the picture:  Narita, Japan

On the picture:  Shrine gates, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Akasaka

On the picture:  Main street of Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Akihabara

On the picture:  Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Aoyama

On the picture:  Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Asakusa

On the picture:  Harbour city in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
Otaru. Hokkaido

On the picture:  Kibune, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Kibune

On the picture:  Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ginza

On the picture:  Buddhist temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Higashiyama

On the picture:  Yokohama, Japan

On the picture:  Meiji Jingu Shinto shrine, Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yoyogi

On the picture:  Shinkyo bridge, Nikko, Japan

On the picture:  Todai-ji Buddhist temple, Kagami-ike ( mirror pond ), Nara, Japan

On the picture:  Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

On the picture:  Osakajo ( Osaka castle ), Osaka, Japan
Osaka - Osakajo

On the picture:  Piers in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
Otaru, Hokkaido

On the picture:  Shimokita, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shimokita

On the picture:  Yurakucho station in Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yurakucho

On the picture:  view from Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Tower

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